~ Bird Tribe ~ Co-Creators of the New Lemurian Nation

“One day you will discover magic, and this time it will be in a ...new way, not another manifestation tool or weapon for playing power-games. This time you’ll discover the magic that exists beyond power. You will discover it – when you step out of the hypnotic chess game of mass consciousness and transcend the duality of the black and white chess figures; when hierarchies don’t affect you, and the laws of others have nothing to do with you, because you understand that you’re the chess master, not the pawn trapped in a game; when you have no need or desire to be more powerful than anybody else, because you live in your sovereign domain half a dimension away from those games.

“Dear self, you will discover this magic when you are no longer afraid of fear, for you allow the fear to transform into trust and knowingness and passion; when you are willing to go beyond the edge of your mind to discover feeling, imagination, and sensual experience; when you can focus on multiple facets of the Self all at once, and trust that you can be that expanded without losing yourself, then you are free to be the Magi.

“When you’re not afraid to die, not afraid to live, and not afraid to be born again; when you are so conscious of being consciousness, that you can allow all the stories of the human to ripple away; when you can go beyond what was into what is and what could be; when you expand so much that you no longer tolerate such restrictions as identity or expectations; when you have arrived at yourself and know who you are, then you are ready for true magic.

“When you know that just because something hasn’t been possible before, doesn’t mean it can’t become possible the moment you place your consciousness into that possibility; when you have the courage to choose the new above the old, to choose freedom above limitation; when you are so passionate about being alive, existing, and expressing who you are that nothing can contain that fire, then it’s time for the Merlin within to return. Then you are ready for the alchemy of consciousness, for the human and the divine to meld. And because you truly are a free being, not even restricted by time and space, you can choose to be there now. Become aware of your Magi, and it exists.”