Evan's Re-Treasures eBay Store

Welcome to Evan's Re-Treasures eBay Store! Please invite your friends to join also!

***New inventory all the time! Keep an eye out for "Featured Items" - they may occur daily, weekly and even monthly! These are specially priced items. Featured items will have a listed expiration date in their post - at which point, pricing and availability may change.***

This group will share items currently available for purchase or trade. This group provides you a sneak-peek and a first-come, first serve, best offer buying opportunity at items before the eBay network ever has access to buy them. Items will be priced competitively here for your benefit. Once they make it to eBay, prices may change; eBay prices override previously listed group prices.

PayPal is required for all purchases made through eBay. Purchasing items via eBay will also require leaving of feedback following receipt of your purchase. Lack of feedback may result in removal from the group. Shipping or handling costs will be discounted for local buyers who meet for face-to-face exchange. eBay purchases may require payment of shipping and handling costs - this will be refunded back to the buyer once purchase is complete.

Items Posted in the Group Directly:
These items are not accompanied by an eBay URL in their post. If you are interested in purchasing one of these items, enter "Interested" in the comments. Negotiations, Bids, requests for lowered or Volume Pricing MUST be submitted via Personal Message. No negotiations will be completed in the comments section. Items purchased directly from the group - (not posted on eBay) - can be paid for IN CASH upon pickup or delivery. (Buyer is responsible for exact change; delivery person will not carry change.)

Long Distance purchases from the group that require shipping can be discussed between buyer and seller (admin) to discuss most cost effective shipping method. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs - unless seller offers otherwise.

eBay Items in the Group:
These items will be identified by the eBay URL accompanying their posts. Comments or questions about these items can be posted in the group for a response - however, offers and purchases MUST be completed through eBay.
Again, items purchased by local buyers that do have shipping or handling costs associated may require payment of these fees to complete purchase, but a refund will be provided upon completion of order.

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***In an effort to protect our environment, many of our packages are shipped using clean and durable recycled materials such as boxes, plastic or paper grocery bags, and newspaper. Pictures of packages are taken before shipment and can be requested by email if any concerns arise. Please recycle.***