The Sacred Masculine

Our purpose in this group is to explore the meaning and application of elevated principles and aspects of sacred, spiritual, masculinity.

This is a group that supports the diversity and multiplicitous expression of the awakened man—and masculinity in its elevated spiritual-psychological-emotional-sexual expression.

Tolerance and respect for different or alternative ideas and expressions is a hallmark of the awakened man.

Our topic pertains to exploring and supporting the sacred masculine—or spiritually awake men/masculine, and mature masculinity.

There are biological differences and then there are individual-personal identifications that can cross biological lines of distinction. The problem seems to arise when anyone, or society, tries to standardize or stereotype the two sexes into certain roles or forms of expression.

For our purposes here in this group we are looking at one side of the equation for more clarity and understanding. This includes the biological sex differences as well as the perceived gender differences and how one relates to another. We want to elevate our interactions between men and women as well as gain deeper personal understanding of what it means to "be a man" and express "masculine" attributes.

There are myriad of groups that do this for women (which is great) —this one is intended to provide men their space for exploration (with the supportive contribution of women).

Contribute posts that show how the sacred masculine shows up in the world and what he contributes to "right-relationship" with women (and other men) and how to encourage/support men to adopt and exhibit sacred masculine qualities.

Off topic posts will be deleted.

Advertisements of events or services are allowed only if there is a direct connection to our topic in the post.