The Scifi Romance Group

For Lovers of Scifi Romance. A place to chat about Scifi Romance, make friends who love our favorite genre, discuss the issues, latest news, and topics in relation to SFR and the greater SFR Community.

The Rules:
1) No Amazon, direct buy links, or 'I just got a review!' sneaky sneaky self-promo-type posts. THIS IS A GROUP FOR FANS/READERS, not for authors to promo. The admins will open open up a Sunday thread for Author News where authors are allowed to link to exciting news including new books or reviews.

2) You CAN post contests/giveaways or blog posts about SFR topics, excerpts, and books. Authors, be creative!

3) NO Vote for me or Buy Me or Review Me

4) There will be parties!!

5) We are all adults, and some of us write adult content. We are also a group open to all forms of love and relationships, including LGBT and Polyamory. For us, the universe is much too big to put a limit on love!

5). Scifi Romance is the genre we celebrate here. We reserve the right to exterminate topics. Don’t make us space you! (Please no vampires, shifters, etc)

6) Be kind, be courteous and HAVE FUN!

-- Your Fun Loving Overlords