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*Well showing tards their place is legit but it must make sense either

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It's about all topics so it's hard for me to add more restrictions to this group :P
But if you don't follow these rules, then u'll be blocked after a warning except for ones posting porn coz they'll be banned immediately

Angarik bhobe (yes am enough "besharam" to do this shit lol)

*Angarik Bhobe
*Anne Scarlet
*Aman panchal
*Atin gupta
*Arham Kammran
*Bidhan Gautam
*Bishal Narzary
*Chaitanya chase
*John Hansel
*Jeeva Nandham
*Kushagra Shanks Uchiha
*Míţhìlěşh Pąûl
*Parikshit Shokeen
*Safallya Guhathakurta
*Samuel Jacob
*Shanu Nag
*Shravan Shetty
*Shubham Singh
*Saurabh Bagal
*Sam Prajapati
*Sheeda blade
* and the will be added too

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