Theatre Hub

Theatre Hub

Theatre Hub (previously known as HellBox Production...s) is a group of talented and creative young individuals, currently students, who aspire to provide quality entertainment to the public, and also offer opportunities to struggling young individuals to put forward their talent, pursue their ambitions and also contribute to the entertainment industry.

The Theatre Hub team has had vast experience in the entertainment industry, collectively organizing, as well as taking part in, numerous events which includes plays, gigs, concerts, promotional events, movie nights etc.

In August 2009, the Theatre Hub team, after months of planning and rehearsals, blessed the city of Lahore with ‘Ishq with A Twist’, an Urdu comedy play, which left audiences demanding an encore performance, produced a full house on all 3 days, propelled people to make repeated visits, request video recording of the show, and most importantly leave the hall with a smile on their faces.

Then in July 2010, the Theatre Hub team produced another play by the name of ‘Khatra-e-Jaan’, which produced comparisons to their debut event, Ishq with a Twist, received a standing ovation, gained an enormous media response!
Finally in February 2011, Theatre Hub received the honor of organizing ‘The Lahore Alma’s’ Annual Play by the name of ‘Jaal’, which left the school’s administration awe-struck and was labeled as ‘one of the most technically sound performances in recent years’ by professional theatre enthusiasts.

Apart from theatre, Theatre Hub organized a musical gig by the name of Spring Fire in March 2010, which included live performances by underground bands, provided free sheesha and soft drinks to the guests along with fresh BBQ, while producing a remarkable crowd of over 300 people.

Meanwhile, Theatre Hub has representatives in various schools and colleges in Lahore, such as LGS, Beaconhouse, Alma, LUMS, LSE, UCL, GC, NGS, and Punjab College etc. Inshallah, Theatre Hub will continue their efforts to make a change in the monotonous lives of the public while also providing the best possible platform for budding new and talented youth.

Ahmer Zaman Khan 0333-4801990
Talal Ali Jan 0323-4096656