The Lifehouse, Colchester

We are a Partners in Harvest Church in Colchester, Essex

Our passion is to equip others to Love the Lord, Live in his Presence and be Light for the World. Each member of the Lifehouse is encouraged to do so. We need to be able to receive and then to give it away. As a Church and as individuals this is what we seek to do. We seek to love and serve each other as this demonstrates the love of God. We are also developing varied and very relaxed small groups where we can share life.

We encourage a lifestyle of Hearing God's Voice and experiencing and giving away the Father's Love in a way that touches those outside the church. We believe most of the walls between Church and Society are of the Church's making, and that God wants to knock those walls down. We long to see people saved and brought into a revelation of the Father's love for them. We are passionate about worship and we try to equip each member to be a "carrier" of the presence of God.

We believe that basically we have a simple call on us as a Church: we want, in all the ways we can, to make a channel for the river of God to flow, so that as many as possible are released into a deep experience of the Father’s Love which causes them to go and tell the world about Jesus.