The Mad Vauxhall Club

A group for vauxhall enthusiasts. Any vauxhall/opel/holden/saab ...can come join us. We will attend all major shows while doing mini meets too.

Post your technical problems there are many that can help out with your cars on here

Rules as follows:

1. Feel free to post your sales/ car related business but please bump previous posts.

2. All payments must be sent as Goods not friends and family so then if there are any problems you can claim your money back.

3. Any Problems feel free to message any of the Admins, Ryan Ainley, Darren Harris, James Pearson and Lee Grist.

4. If you are found to have blocked an admin you will be removed from the group.

5. Premium membership is available with lots of benefits!

6. No advertising of any other clubs this is not allowed. Post your business up but if your business continously it will be deleted. Also is the same for sale if it's posted up to much then it will be deleted.

Merchandise is available message Ryan Ainley or James Pearson

When events come along they will be attached to the pinned post at the top.

The Mad Vauxhall Club will be doing shows as from 2015.

Please check out the website too: