The Marc Bolan Fan Group

The Marc Bolan Fan Group is for fans of Marc Bolan, Fans who have positive memories of Marc for sharing his music, lyrics, poetry and pictures. Anything positive can be said about Marc any events promoting Marc and news stories with a Marc connection. In this group you must respect the other fans view and may "like" what they post and add to what they say in a positive way. You may not be confrontational in the group and may not say they don't like something that Marc did within the Group.

Q) What if I genuinely don't like something Bolan Did?
A) Keep it to yourself what you don't like, someone will like & if you say what you "don't like" it will cause conflict.

Q) What will happen if I break the rules?
A) It depends what you say - but admin would remind you in the thread, tell you privately, or remove you from the group

Q) Why are the rules so rigid?
A) There are many "Fan groups for Marc Bolan" where anything goes - This group is a safe place for Marc Fans - here fans can post anything they like, liked or love or loved about him without fear or ridicule.

Q) Can I rank my favourite Marc music, lyrics, poetry and pictures?
A) So long as you don't suggest that whatever is at the bottom of your list is unworthy in any way. Your least favourite may be someone else’s most favourite.

Updated End 2014
Please do be pleasant at all times remembering the focus of the Marc Bolan Fan group - for this reason if you do want to offer seasonal greetings or say "Good..." please keep this for your own wall or include something Marc Related E.G. A picture of you holding a favourite Marc item.
with over 4000 Members in the group we can't know all others in the group, therefore please make sure everything you post is relevant to Marc Bolan and is positive - versions and covers and mashes and artwork, pictures and Marc inspired works of any kind are welcome but keep your posts relevant to Marc Bolan - (the group is only about Marc Bolan - the clue is in the name "The Marc Bolan Fan Group") please don't make overtly negative critics of someone elses work, (say something nice or say nothing)
A few posts get around the "anything positive can be said about Marc..." rule by quoting what others have said - in future Admin will delete these posts because it brings about the same kind of feelings and vitriol that anyone saying it in the group for themselves does. thanks for understanding
Admin in the Marc Bolan Fan Group are here to serve like all other members - people who Love Marc Bolan - we also have a particular responsibility to rid the group of stuff which causes controversy or which is bad in the best way possible we try to keep all the members happy when we do this, occasionally it has been necessary to remove someone from the group - Admin may remove posts which are repetitive, irrelevant, anti-Marc or which are controversial.