The Mekano Set

Death to Negative Romanticism.

"Nihilism you can dance to."

Th...e Mekano Set's sounds are made almost entirely from sweet-wrappers, mirrors, bird cages and antique machinery.

Industrial - strength bass / beats / fuzz-guitar soundscapes. Grimy, soiled grooves. In space.

“I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone." Rainer Maria Rilke.

"In Imercia, it's considered impolite to acknowledge the presence of another person. You have to wait for them to acknowledge you." Rollo Kim, Letters From Imercia.

We are the RudeBoy TomBoy GeekYob GothPunk Anarcho-Situationist Pretentious Spiteful Wankers your parents were too frightened of to warn you about and we're here to offer you Pop & Crisps!

We're not Nihilists. We're Anarcho-Romantics.

"We want order and chaos. We like noise and sound as much as we like music. Most musicians don't really listen to the sounds they make. Some of our sounds are nice, some are not. Some of our noises are organized, some are not. We don't want to entertain musicians. We want to create atmosphere, and dancing." Milk.

We don't believe in gender.

"Slick spiky electronic rock that screams darkness beneath a seemingly delicate exterior." Natasha Scharf, Metal Hammer.

We demand nap-time.

"It’s a rare thing these days to actually find a genuinely original band. Whilst The Mekano set obviously show some of their influences, most notably late 70's/Early 80’s post punk and early 90's Shoegaze." DJ Wild Bill Buttock.

"And then I coughed up some bile." U. Brünn.

War on Sleep.

"It’s the way it’s put together that makes The Mekano Set so unique. Hynotic beats combine with Hooky-esque basslines, fucked up guitar sounds and haunting, underplayed vocals." DJ Wild Bill Buttock.

"Let's just play for us." Beth Rettig.

"We're used to dealing with gangsters. No biggie." Patrick Crean.

Of Anglo-Celtic, Persian, Asian and Germanic descent, The Mekano Set make musick that owes a lot to X, Y, and Z / Want to avoid the twee, precious nature of that sort of thing.

"Seedily attractive, smooth, impressively catchy, seething power..." Mick Mercer.

"In summing up... Nihilism you can dance to." Lee Christien.

"Filthy electro-rock... like some kind of beautiful crime." Niall O'Keeffe.

“John Peel would have loved them” DJ CruelBritannia.

"The Mekano Set get us all worked up with the promise of a song called 'Dirty Hand Job', and then totally spoil the mood by being goths... about as menacing as a Crow soundtrack." Emily Mackay.