Nature Photography Northwest

Welcome to Nature Photography Northwest. This group will serve as a meeting place for sharing of images and knowledge with its focus on the Northwest. It is my sincere wish that this group serves as a kinder and gentler place where like minded Artists can display their work and exchange ideas and concepts that embrace rather than divide. I do wish there was no need for guidelines but alas it is a necessity of the times.

Members are encouraged to post their best images after reviewing the posting Guidelines.

*The Quiet Lens / Nature Photographers Northwest Posting Guidelines *

1). Please only post your most outstanding images. Rest assured Photographers of all skill levels are Welcome!

2) At no time should any member post any Image/Images that is not their own work.

3) Do Not Post Any Information that pertains to a Specific Shooting location and or driving directions that leads to any sensitive species or eco system. If you do decide to share any of this type of information with other members please do so privately in a NON PUPLIC FORUM !

4) Nature or Wildlife must be the prevailing subject of any posted image.

5) Do not post any images of Pets or Farm Animals.

6) Please refrain from the use of any type Offensive Titles or Commentary.

7) Do not post any links that lead to artist web sites or portfolios.

8) Do not over post! Please no more than four images with in a 12 hour period.

9) Please do feel free to share this group
page with all your friends and like minded photographers.

10) Anyone can Join this Group amateur or professional photographers are welcome. Do pass along group information to your photographer friends.

Suggestions are always welcomed and if would like to pose a question feel free to reach to me by contacting the Founder/Administrator Philip Lane.

The Quiet Lens | Wildlife Photographers Northwest Founder/Admin - Philip Lane (