Therefore, God Exists (Theology)

Welcome! PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING. We are a Protestant Christian group. Our moderators are Dave Jones, Matt Lambert, Garry Davenport, Josh Gwyn, Giexy Reyes, Joshua Ortman, Brooke Anglin, Evan Minton, Becky Webb Berg and I (Richard Bushey).

Guideline 1: We affirm that salvation comes by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ. Any attempt to condemn somebody for that belief may result in your being banned.
Guideline 2: We affirm Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Through Christ Alone, Glory To God Alone. This is the general belief of the group even though there may be some disputes.
Guideline 3: While we cannot be entirely sure that an individual is saved, this group affirms that those who have thrown themselves on the mercy of God and repented of sin have been born again and saved. If you condemn anybody who has done that, including Arminians, Calvinists, young earth creationists, old earth creationists, and anybody who has done that, on the grounds that they need to do something else, then you will be banned.
Guideline 4: The greatest commandment is this: you shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, strength, and mind. We acknowledge that some people here may be non-Christians. But if you blaspheme, disrespect, or otherwise mock God, you will be banned.
Guideline 5: The second greatest commandment is this: you shall love your neighbor as yourself. If you are disrespectful or excessively argumentative, you will be banned. Regard everyone as greater than yourself.

(Any comments that accuse old earth creationists of only caring about science will be deleted even if the comment is long and has a lot of content. Continued offense could result in your being removed from this group. This clause is an extension of Guidelines 5, 6, and 8.)

Guideline 6: This is not a debate group. This is a discussion group. The goal is not to destroy what your brothers in Christ are saying but to reason together to the biblical conclusion.
Guideline 7: Do not post unrelated content or spam this group with advertisements. This will result in your being banned.
Guideline 8: Do not argue in anger. If you are feeling angry, you are obliged to stop replying until you can calm down. If you cannot discuss the issues without revealing anger, then do not discuss the issues.
Guideline 9: People often will end up debating, and that is fine. Just do it in love. Also if you do debate, ensure that you address what is being said.
Guideline 10: If you feel you are being harassed, tell a moderator.