The Reptile Marketplace

A place to buy, sell, and trade reptiles and related items. Any posts not pertaining to sales, trades, or wanted will be deleted. Failure to follow this will result in your removal from the group. Spam ads will be deleted and the poster removed. Please feel free to "like" a post, but comments should be kept to a minimum. Feel free to PM the seller for any additional questions and/or details. Rude or insulting persons will be removed from group. This is a sales only group. Auctions are not allowed. All ads must include a price, as well as a picture of the animal(s) being sold. This page is for buying, selling and trading reptiles and reptile related items. Do not post fan pages of any kind to get likes. You will be booted from group without warning. *Once an animal is sold it is the buyers responsibility to remove the posting.

PLEASE READ: The Reptile Marketplace is not responsible for the content within, nor the health, age, disposition or any other descriptions or guarantees offered by breeders or individuals listing their reptiles or services in this group.