The Seventh Vanguard

The Seventh Vanguard is a Daggerfall Covenant Guild on the NA server:

We are a guild of like minded individuals who focus on enjoying the game in good company. We enjoy Dungeons, PvP, Trials and any other activity the game offers us as new content arrives. We try to accommodate everyone (play-style, timezone, work/family schedule, etc.) However we are very devoted to keeping an active friendly environment for our guild members so in that re-guard we do require that members be active (no extended time without logging into the game) and friendly with other members (no drama please).

We do not have any requirements on recruiting new members other than being active and friendly. So feel free to invite your friends. We can help those who need it, get ready for Trials, PvP, or other end-game content. So our focus is just filling our roster with players who want to learn, strive to get better than they are, and keep an open mind! We are okay and actually encourage you to break the norm and try things outside the box (aka cookie cutter builds).