Stark County Crime Watchers

Stark County Crime Watchers are active citizens that watch crime from around the State of Ohio and Nation wide. Our goal and mission is to educate the public in crime, rights, and how to be effective in our communities to curb crime.

We are a community oriented group, and we post a variety of information that can affect people in Stark County, across the State of Ohio, and across the Nation.

The administrators are not responsible for any content or pictures that are added by the members. Each member is responsible for their own actions.

We have three simple rules to abide by:

1. Refrain from the F bomb, the two "C" words, as well as other vulgar words.

2. All members have to respect one another as well as respect all Admins. This rule is very broad, but remember this one thing, speak to others as you would want someone to speak to you. Refrain from name calling or any form of demeaning behavior.

We ask that all conversations to remain intelligent as well as healthy. WE do have healthy debates that happens on here, but we will also ask you to keep the rules in mind.

We also ask to keep bashing of our civil servants to a minimum. Healthy discussion is our direction, and we don't need to be abusive with our words. As these items may not be in the rules, it is common courtesy.

We expect you to know the rules before posting, and we may not warn before a ban. Please keep that in mind.

We welcome you to the best Crime Page Of Citizens of Stark County and beyond. We are community supporters, and we are the only crime page that is active within their communities.