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V''''V Rules of this fan page: V''''V

1. Good will and respect others share anything relevant from walking dead to zombie films. I actively support share 4 share promotion of other groups here but my policy is if you share here i share this group in yours we both win, and regarding the posting of your group please if you wish to make this regular just do it once a month not several times in a few days.

2. Were all equal so no singling anyone out or your out. No relgeous or hate posts these will be deleted and the person/persons will be removed after 1 warning. I have removed the age limit i imposed which does mean make sure you respect each other any failure to follow these rules will end up in warnings and you possibly getting removed from the group, Please be careful with you language mild cussing in jest is fine within the boundaries in the comics but when i becomes excessive or offensive then we have a problem, Failure to follow this could have you booted from the group, if you want any further explanation on this ask me or one of my admin team.


3. No Spoilers in the group weither there pre season mid season or before episodes to be posted in the group unless there are in a clearly marked post ie (*****WARNING THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS*****) and then put your spoiler as a comment on the post so no one can see it without going on to the post also the following applies to episodes from season 5 which have not been aired in the uk were 1 day behind when we get it here there will be a pinned post for all comments when the show is aired in the us this will remain for 24 hrs till after the show has aired in the uk.

4. Selling or Promoting without permission is prohibited you will be banned.( This includes anything from causes and anything to do with outside media I.E amazon Ebay any kind of selling website / store) if you have been given permission please tag my name Vernon Newton in the post do not multi post as this just clutters the page and you may also get warned about spamming. also these rayban and ugg ads they will be deleted and you will be banned without notice.

5. Posting pictures is appriciated but please dont post loads of single pictures if you have a few you wih to post please do as a multi picture post so not to clutter the page.

6. Have fun and enjoy our family community for the walking dead.

If you require and help or have any questions please message me Vernon Newton or one of my admins Karen Davies,Gina Jones, Gary Hill, CJ Creech or O'Tressa Lee and we will get back to you ASAP.

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