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________ GOALS and GUIDELINES ________

PLEASE read this stuff below - it is truly what make us 'special'

This group provides an ongoing "news stream" about the Occupy Movement... It's ongoing evolution and the issues that are important to it... And YOU are what makes it happen.

Read this before you post... So bad things won't happen to good people. Repeated disregard for these Guidelines could result in YOUR REMOVAL from our group without warning... we do this from a place of LOVE...


________ GOALS and GUIDELINES ________

This place is about the Occupy Movement. That's pretty much it.

Occupy Central is about helping to build Occupy and helping to provide some focus to the Occupy Movement. And again, that's pretty much it.

We are working toward these goals in two ways;

ONE: Providing a “central” place that anyone on facebook can find up to date news and information regarding the Occupy Movement. This is possible because of the wonder of social media and our fantastic members. So this group, specifically, our stream of information gets better every time we add another active member! It truly is amazing what interested and concerned "occupiers" can do when we have a focused and intentioned purpose...

TWO: “Centralize” the Occupy Message with an ongoing dialogue about what's truly important to the 99%. We know that OWS has already succeeded because of the recent change in our nation's dialogue. There has been a new focus on the needs of the 99%...

Depending on who you ask, many leaders inside and outside Occupy feel that it's time to focus our message to either ensure our survival or to build the power needed to really move the needle in our dysfunctional society...

Occupy Central is here to try and help with focusing our energy, discussion and passion on SOLUTIONS.

Occupy Central has some distinct goals and we will assume that your presence here is means you are “like-minded”.

In that spirit, let's discuss a few things...

Any large group with goals needs some ground rules to make sure we can get to where we want to go. Our desire to be a great source of Occupy information means that we WON'T be able to post "just anything".

It has to be related to Occupy... in some way. If it isn't, you should be posting on a different group or on a different wall. It's that simple.

At this point, you might be asking what we mean by “related to the Occupy Movement”. We are pretty much talking about the obvious. It would have to do with the movement's physical and ideological presence- feet and tents on the ground, marching and occupying as well as our struggle in the media, youtube videos and blogs- the ideas. If it's Occupy, post it.


If it's easier for you- HERE's what Occupy Central is not:

MOST CONSPIRACIES : There are a great many out there... and a FEW are related in at least a secondary way... BUT-

If the conspiracy in question has few facts or little science, and/or little general, societal support behind it- OR it has little or nothing to do with the Occupy Movement... Also, if it's fear-mongering... example?

Don't post it.

If you aren't sure contact one of the admins and ask... otherwise it will be deleted.

CURRENT EVENTS : is it ABOUT Occupy? The actual subject of the article must be directly about the Occupy Movement.

This means that some pretty important stuff [certainly to you!] might need to be posted in a different group.

This is a pretty important part of our group! We live to provide the news that drives our passions! Current events is our heart and soul.. please post good stuff! ANY and ALL Occupy current events are welcome... ACTION DAYS and MIC checks... ect.

If you aren't sure - Ask an admin -

DON'T just post it... It might be deleted.


RELIGIOUS / SPIRITUAL : Again very important but you are on the wrong page...
If you think it's still really important to be seen...

Don't post it.

It will be deleted.


MUSIC / VIDEO : Sure. As long as it's Occupy-related and NOT marketing or soliciting... At ALL. If it is - it will be deleted quickly and so will you.


Politics? Yes!


ANY/ALL POSTS about a particular candidate - Presidential or otherwise - positive or negative -


Continued or Ongoing issues with this could get you banned from this group. Please DON'T let bad things happen to good people.

POLITICIANS are NOT part of the Occupy Movement.
Politicians are currently not a part of the solution. This renders campaigning irrelevant and counter to this group's goals...

If you feel that you have to campaign, find another group to post in.

Politics in GENERAL is definitely part of the occupy movement. No better example than the NDAA... or SOPA
As well as the local politics regarding your own encampment- and the mic checks that will become more frequent in 2012. The Days Of Action are also QUITE Welcome... #S17, #D14,#J17, #M1 - you get the picture...
If you aren't sure contact one of the admins and ask...


Don't Post It.

it will be deleted.


RECOMMENDING VIOLENCE as an answer in our struggle... Violence of any kind. We don't support it.

While it's arguable that a "diversity of tactics" is effective, this group never has and never will support the use of violence as a tactic. We aren't interested in even discussing it's 'possible' merits- Because FB removes this stuff... This group's very survival could depend on this.

Don't post it. Both you and your post will be immediately removed.


Of course, SPAMMING, FLAMING, TROLLING or MERCHANDISING is offensive and won't be tolerated... You will be removed right after your post.

NOTE THIS: posting unrelated links in a thread to avoid facebook's spamming sensors is indeed... SPAMMING.

Does Occupy have an Official Language? NOPE! Does Occupy Central? YEP! It's English!

With the exception of Admin designated and specifically labeled "HIGH PRIORITY" or "ACTION" posts, if you want to do some extra posting of the same material, or you want to 'bump up' something you like.... DON'T do it [by yourself!] We have to keep this place clean of repetitive posts...

Let an admin know when you feel your post should have extra attention- there is a very good chance we will support you if your post is within these guidelines! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU AND OCCUPY.


here's the deal:

You should remember that your behavior in these threads represents who YOU are and WHAT OCCUPY is... We seek consensus... not victory.


You MUST take responsibility for the energy you bring to this space. There is no other alternative. If you continually bring negativity with no solution, you will eventually be gone.

Remember! If you aren't sure about a post ... If you have questions or concerns about these guidelines... CONTACT one of the admins and ASK about it...

This is truly what could keep you- a caring and responsible member from being perceived as other than caring and responsible...

IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES... YOU POST WILL BE DELETED... And if you repeatedly violate these guidelines, you won't be able to be a part of this group.

__________ NOW HERE'S WHY ___________


You are welcome to post your ideas elsewhere! We encourage it- in fact, we just added another page to do it! Please understand our purpose, goals, how we are going to get there... and respect that.

Look, we aren't control freaks. As you know, one of the pillars of the Occupy Movement is Free Speech... We would LOVE to work the “free-form, post as you will or want to” that we did in the past... But it just isn't conducive to our goals.

Our commitment is to responsibly manage our wall/message. Not censor anyone.

However, as we approach over 7000 members; having at least 7047 points of views... We need to manage it... to ensure the Occupy Central "experiment" works for ALL.

So if you are with us... Stay with us!

If you aren't with us or don't want to stay within these guidelines - you might just want to leave NOW...

___________ NEW FOR YOU! ____________

We have provided an alternative if you wanna post "outside the lines". This is where you go if you want to explore the fringe....

https://www.facebook.com/groups/102643126526288/ <-- click this!

Thanks! If you have any questions... [email protected], we look forward to hearing from you...

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