thrifty birmingham - free to collector

Welcome to thrifty Birmingham, a community where everyone matters!

We are a Free to collector page with a difference - We promote the thrifty lifestyle , making old items new by reusing,recycling, up-cycling and repurposing. But to do this we as a group rely heavily on community spirit.

Over the past 9 months we have built a strong community where our members readily donate their unwanted/ un-needed /old but usable items so that other can make use of them. We also share bargain finds, money off vouchers and community events.

Here are our rules:-

1. Please post your location not just your postcode. For example Nechells B7

2. No Arguments ,swearing, racist ,abusive, time wasting or aggressive behaviour

3. Use your manners and common courtesy for example Please and Thank you

4. No posting of any animals.

5. No selling on of items unless stated in your post for example car booting/ collecting for charity.

6. Total of 3 items can be taken from the page a day.

7. Wanted posts - only one item can be asked for per day

8. No inboxing asking for items. All comments need to be displayed under the post. only contact the gifter once they have said it is okay

9. NO sob stories on posts. May I be considered is all that's needed

10. Please Don't ask members for delivery unless stated in post

11.Only individual profiles will be added. And these will be vetted before added, no selling pages will be allowed

As we are a free to collector page we don't expect people to ask for delivery. If you choose to do this the 'gifter' is able to ask for money towards petrol. For an estimated cost please visit

All posts will be deleted after 7days
And any rule broken will lead to either a warning, a 24hour ban or a complete ban dependent on severity .