Tiko's GP Group

About TGG (Est. June 2011)

NEW REQUESTS: From Jan 2014 only existing members may add new GP/GPST members. Please look at the members list and contact any FB friends on it to add you. Please have your messaging feature turned on so we can contact you if needs be. Thank you for your patience.

Mission Statement:
To create a * GP only * Facebook group, where members are motivated to share valuable information with each other, invite new colleagues, make new friends and find out about new opportunities. TGG aims to stimulate and support health innovation and enterprise through networking events that bring key stakeholders together.

In a nutshell:
Save GPs time. Make life fun. Stimulate health innovation and enterprise.

About Me:
Tiko = Dr Kartik Modha MRCGP MBBS (Hons) BSc (Hons)

NHS/Independent GP
Founder of TGG
Co-founder of myHealthSpecialist.com
GP Training: Royal Free VTS (hospital) James Wigg Practice (ST3); CCT 2010
Undergraduate: Guys', King's and St Thomas' (GKT) School of Medicine

I am passionate about using/developing technology that can drive improvements in patient care and pioneering ways of saving GPs time. I love consultations, i hate paperwork. I value time above everything and am a strong believer in working to live, not living to work.

TGG Core Team (formed Feb 2012):

Dr Malcom Davies
Dr Hamed Khan
Dr Tabassum Ahmed
Dr Amit Vasistha
Dr Tom Nolan

About the Group:

- All members are GPs or GP VTS doctors only (no outside commercial agencies!!!).

- Every member can use the group in ANY way they wish (but are encouraged to be aligned with the mission statement). Please contact an admin if you wish to arrange an official group event.

-GP Members are encouraged to invite new doctors that can bring value to and benefit from the group but only GPs using their real names on Facebook (no aliases.)

- Any admin can remove a member they suspect of abusing the group

Before posting any clinical cases please read our guidance on discussion of clinical cases https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FzC4zldrGENGYTj3EQXKvDCRWaOg6PVBROneo5Jmj1A/edit

- All members should respect GMC guidelines at all times and never disclose information outside of the group that would bring any group member or the group into disrepute. Any contravention of this rule will result in removal from the group and reporting to the GMC if need be.

- Please only post comments that you would be happy to say out loud in a room of 2000+ GP professionals.
(Sometimes comments meant as a joke can cause offense and TGG is certainly not responsible for any career consequences as a result!).

*** Please give as well as receive ***

By even posting a small scrap of useful info to 'The Wall' you can save several other GPs precious time :)

Posting links for interesting CPD articles to 'The Wall' creates a digital record of your CPD

Feel free to show your appraiser the contents of this Group as a demonstration of remote group learning and teamwork.