Tilligerry News & Views

Welcome everyone! Please join this group and share with everyone local.

We encourage anyone to post news, events, sales and anything else of interest in the Tilligerry Peninsula and surrounding suburbs with the following exceptions:

- sale of domestic pets is not permitted unless you are a registered breeder, however rescue groups are welcome to post pets up for adoption
- no sunnies, no running shoes or handbags...no online sale scammers will be permitted and will be deleted and blocked

Keeping a positive helpful perspective on things is highly recommended when posting and if you have to complain please do so in a constructive rather than abusive manner.

Rules are simple..NO NAMING AND SHAMING or stuff that could get either of us into any legal trouble... if it gets nasty and personal, it's gone. If you get nasty and personal you will also be gone. AND if you block any of the admins you will be gone. Decisions of the admins are final and discussion will not be entered into.

Please bump your post only once a day maximum...do not delete and repost! Otherwise people have fun!!!