TinyKittens Unite

Welcome to TinyKittens Unite! Our focus is on fundraising, netwo...rking, supporting one another and the amazing work of Shelly

Roche and crew at TinyKittens
(www.tinykittens.com) We are not the Tinykittens Society however we raise funds exclusively for them.

Note: Any Tinykittens photos posted by admins and/or used for fundraising in this Group and on the TKU Twitter account are the property of Shelly Roche of Tinykittens and have been approved for use in writing, by Shelly Roche.

Below are the guidelines for TinyKittens Unite:

Please RESPECT each other. We may not all have the same views, but we are here together in support of TinyKittens.

Please not posts about animal abuse stories, no photos or videos of animal abuse. If you do post it will be removed and we won't message you. We have members who are very sensitive to photos and stories of abuse.


Please send a pm to one of the admins and if the contest is not a fundraiser for another group they will create an EVENT for your voting challenge. This will remain in place until the challenge ends under EVENTS and you can post to that EVENT anytime you wish.


This group is focused on TinyKittens. If you have a TK fundraiser idea please contact an admin before posting any fundraisers or call outs for help. We can no longer post or share fundraisers for other groups or individuals on TKU.


If you have an item(s) to donate towards one of our fundraisers, please contact one of the admins.

Please note: Facebook has nothing to do with any of our promotions.