Tolland County Moms Swap and Shop Group

This is a group to sell or swap gently used items, ranging from baby and children's items to household goods.

Creator/Administrators: Karen Smyth Sara Johnson
Administrators; Sara Johnson/ Karen Smyth

Please in order to keep this group up and running everyone needs to help out!! We ask that when you post to the group, please manage your posts! Everyone needs to try to get on an actual computer once in awhile to go through, and delete their own posts, which you can't always do on a cell phone. Too many posts results in too much for people to scroll through to find items that they want to purchase. Below are some guidelines and reminders that if followed will help to make the site much more user friendly.

If you are no longer interested in the site please feel free to remove yourself from the group. ** We will no longer be adding people outside of the North East Area. If they have no location on their profile we will also not add them for that same reason.
Tolland County Area: Towns included are: Andover, Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, Ellington,Hebron, Lebanon, Mansfield,Rockville, Stafford, Somers, Tolland, Vernon, Willington, Windham, WILLIMANTIC ** PLEASE DO NOT ADD FRIENDS OUTSIDE OF THIS AREA!

*To attempt to keep the site manageable, if posts have had no activity for two weeks, and have moved way down on the bored, (you have not bumped them up for over two weeks) they will be deleted. We remove single posts from the wall, however if the posts are pictures bumped from an album, they now delete from the site entirely when removed off the wall. Feel free to repost at a later time.

*If you are listing more than three items, create an album. Be sure to put your name in the album title so others know who's it is. To create and album click on add photos and there is and option to create an album. Do not create a second album, once you have one, to add more photos to it just go into your existing album and in the upper right corner click "add more photos." if you cant make an album, or don't want to, please take a group picture of all your items. This will cut down on the amount of posts. Members can then comment or pm for details on individual items in the picture. If you are posting clothing take a group picture and then post on it that individual pictures of items can be seen in your album, or you will send pictures on request. ****PLEASE LIMIT YOUR POSTINGS ON THE WALL TO FIVE AT ONE TIME!! If you have an album, bump the entire album, or no more than 5 pics at one time. (even on a cell ppl can view the album from an app by clicking on the pic and scrolling threw them) BC OF CONTINUED COMPLAINTS ON THIS ISSUE OF EXCESSIVE BUMPING, IF WE CONTINUE TO SEE IT WE WILL DELETE THE SINGLE POSTINGS. THIS DELETES YOUR PICTURE FROM YOUR ALBUMS ALSO! IT DIDN'T DO THIS BEFORE, FB JUST CHANGED THIS ON US. ***************

*PLEASE When you are interested in an item and need to discuss details/arrange a meet up, try to private message each other to keep from bumping the item that is no longer available to the top of the board and pushing down new posts. We understand that it is not always possible to do that depending on members individual settings, but if able to, it will help. Private messages usually end up in the inbox under "other" if you are not friends with the person, so if you aren't getting your messages check there! Its also a good idea to comment on the post that you pm'ed them so they will know to check bc there is no notification from fb for it. If pending pick up, its helpful to write that so people know its not available, or to avoid bumping you can edit the photo caption saying it's pending. And of course once the item has been picked up PLEASE delete the post! If you are unable to delete, you can write "sold" or tag one of us and we will delete it for you when we are able to.

* There is a 3-strikes, you're out rule. Send Sara Johnson a message if you have an issue with another member that you could not solve on your own. Two warnings will be issued before the member is banned from the group. Kim will send the offending person a message if possible per the account settings for the first warning, the second warning will be noted, and finally you will be removed from the group. We are not looking for an explanation and we will not be the mediator between the two parties. So please only report true offenders and try to work it out before reporting it. We are all adults here, with families and lives of our own. Do not waste people's time by planning a meet up and not showing up! Things come up, but have the consideration to contact the person and let them know you changed your mind or can't make it. Also, if you post on something saying you want it and change your mind, let the buyer know asap so they can sell to the next person.

*Please no advertisement on the main page, it will be deleted. feel free to create a document if you want to let people know about your business. By editing the document every once in awhile it pops up on the news feed to remind everyone it's there