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Group IQ is seventeen (Chlorine)

February 24th 2016
St Varla's ...Day

Welcome to the world's largest on-line gynarchy, Gondwana.

Gondwana was started and supported by several strong women. To serve these women and support the gynarchy, please do the following:-

1) Change your profile image to one of Catwoman, Chun-li, Evil-lyn or Harley Quinn.
2) Amend your profile so that it shows you work for Pangaea.
3) Join as many of our groups and pages as Facebook will allow.

How To Make The Group Better
1) Please post images of females that you admire.
2) Please interact with the posts by liking, commenting and sharing.

Anyone can join the group except for people with blank profile images.

We accept any posts as long as they are top class.

Members are required to be polite otherwise we will block you from all our groups. You'll never even find us again.