SME Marketing Community

Even great products need marketing.

Marketing is an integral part of your business, whether your customers are companies or the man on the street.

The fundamental principles of good and effective marketing are the same whether you are operating a retail shop or selling high-tech marine equipment. The difference is in how you make creative use of all the marketing elements to bring forth the individual personality and qualities of your company.

The SME Marketing Toolkit is jointly developed by SPRING Singapore and Marketing Institute of Singapore to help SMEs enhance the effectiveness of their current marketing efforts through cost-effective DIY techniques and better knowledge when engaging vendors for such services.

Each module comprises know-how guides, checklists, case studies, tips, action points and editable templates, with links to further information and training resources. They guide SMEs to plan strategies and tactics, put in place systems for effective implementation and tracking, and creatively develop a uniqueness that differentiates them from the competition.

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