Toronto Health & Wellness - Holistic Group

Welcome to the Toronto Health & Wellness/Holistic Group!

A group that welcomes all that seek health and happiness in the forms of body, mind and soul!

This group has been set up so that young energetic healers, spiritual souls, male and female shaman, astral travelers, conscious and self aware individuals, practitioners of holistic medicine, health care professionals and those that need our aid may find the information that they may need. This is a resource to find other like minded individuals,find suitable mentors, and healers for those interested. It is slowly becoming a global endeavor which wishes only to spread knowledge and empowerment to those that have grown accustomed to the dissemination of information.

Topics of interest may be

This site is a resource for those looking for advice in the realms of shamanic culture and form, energetic therapies, the study of ancient healing traditions, astral travel, shamanic music, manifestation techniques, will power training, eating raw, energetic locations, power relationships,divine intervention, god through quantum physics, Ascension, Metaphysics, Feng Shui, Physical Fitness, Meditation, Chakras, Auras, Spirituality, Cultures, Life, Reiki, Shamballa, CranioSacral, Crystals, Hot Stone, Healing, Massage, Kundalini Energy, Vibrational Healing, Quantum Physics, Astral Travel, Demensions Above 3rd, Tantra, The Secret, The Law of Attraction, Universal Laws, Massage, The year 2012, Cellular Memory, Yoga, Holistic Health & Wellness

We welcome you to the group and ask that you ask your questions openly-and answer those that you can-If you are already a member!

Our values:

Toronto Health & Wellness adopts and upholds the City of Toronto policy statement which prohibits discrimination and harassment and protects the right to be free of hate activity, based on age, ancestry, citizenship, creed (religion), colour, disability, ethnic origin, family status, gender identity, level of literacy, marital status, place of origin, membership in a union or staff association, political affiliation, race, receipt of public assistance, records of offenses, sex, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic.

Much alike the principles taught in the Vipassana meditative practice, and Reiki healing practices. We see the value of the interconnectedness of all living beings.

"May all living things be well, happy, and peaceful. May no harm come to them. May no difficulties come to them. May no problems come to them. May they always meet with success. May they also have patience, courage, understanding, and determination to meet and overcome inevitable difficulties, problems and failures in life."

Therefore, In involvement within the community, online, on the wall, or in the discussion forums, we ask that you keep your mindset filled with good intent and wish others happiness in theirtravels and daily lives as well.

With much care and consideration for ourselves, and those around us, we become filled happiness. When we become the vessel, or the embodiment rather, of joy by merely opening or perceptions and wishing our heartfelt sentiments outwards, we receive it back tenfold.

"We can only receive, when we have given up that which we have been holding so tightly."

" Hold back your judgments and embrace the possibilities, as that is the way you will expand your world; otherwise it is just getting smaller day by day."

Enjoy your chatting experience, and Check back with us for
event listings that will be posted soon!

With Much love and respect- The Toronto Health and Wellness/ Holistic Group
( Kerem ÇINAR )