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Opeyemi Ogungbade 8-12gmt,
Jacquin Mason 14-17gmt
Klems Joe 13-14gmt.

Subject to changes ... of course, it will depends on the market conditions AND SR's can be posted outside of these if admins are present AND market


1) The main aim of the group is to teach not to make millionaires. Our aim is to share information and strategies that make Binary Options profitable for everyone whilst at the same time being a forum for people to learn. This is not a spoon feeding room so buckle up all. We want to make you all independent traders capable of doing your own research and trades. Our aim is that we all together succeed.
2) Gamblers or a gambling mentality WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Any infringement will be first given a warning and after a second infringement a definite expulsion. Any members who are or have been in other groups know how frustrating it can be to have gamblers messing up a signal with stupid comments. We will be STRICT about this.
3) SIGNALS. When authorised TRADERS are giving a signal NO COMMENTS and I mean NO COMMENTS. Use REPLY only after admin has made the first comment. People who dont follow this rule will be warned and after that blocked. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED. When a trader gives a signal READ and NO STUPID QUESTIONS. Disruptors will be blocked.
4. CHARTING TECHNIQUES. Whilst we are all here to learn it is important that anyone taking signals do their own Due Diligence and check their charts. Not everyone can get it right all the time so there will be OTMs too at times. It is your responsibility if you decide to follow a trader's signal and nobody else's so if the trade turns sour dont bitch about it. Check your charts and see what went wrong. If you know nothing about charts then do some homework and read about them - there are loads of sites and information pertaining to charts. DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND DONT BE LAZY.
5. Finally none of the admins will be asking you for money or donations to be in this group. This is a free service where we want to, above all, become friends even though oceans separate us. If, at any point, a webinar or other activity will be organized which might incur a fee, you will all be advised accordingly and participation will be optional.
6. Any suggestions are welcomed in a bid to improve the group