Trading Clinic

Welcome to Trading Clinic Group

Gathering place for newbie and expert traders from all over the world.
Together we can share and give each other positive feedback for the betterment of our trading.

We appreciate and respect all members, and we expect the same thing. Please read the basic rules of the group that is in the document file after you joining this group.

Trading Clinic Group is dedicated to all traders who are willing to learn and share their knowledge. There are no right or wrong of any method and strategy it's depend on each trader.

Trading is not as easy as you think, because to be an expert and confident it's all come from experiences. The more you learn and the more you make practice will get you more closer to be a consistent profitable trader.

Just because founder of the group is from Indonesia, so both language Indonesian and English speaking are allowed but it is preferred to use English as an international language.
Happy Trading and Best of luck always be with us... Ameen.

Warm Regards,

Admins of TC Group