Traditional Kung-Fu Community

Dear members, Sifu's, Teachers, Students,

This Traditional Kungfu Community has been established specially for you,

- to make friends
- to engage into friendly discussions
- to post interesting pictures or movies
- to learn about other styles and families
- to enhance/share (your) kungfu-wisdom
- to contribute to the (hopefully) everlasting tradition of martial art

We appreciate that this forum will not be used as a commercial marketplace.

However we do promote big social events concerning Chinese traditions such as open demonstrations for Chinese New Year, Mooncake Festival, Dragonboat racing etc. because they enhance the common knowledge of Chinese traditions.

I hope new friendship can be established in this community regardless of nationality, culture, gender, age...

Have a nice stay and make this community strong and solid.

Finally, In the Mow Lam (Martial Forest) every tree has the right to claim its place and grow as strong as possible!

If you send me a friend-request, I will be happy to add you to this community!


Kam Chang-Yau