Traffic And Copy

Do you like Growth Hacking, Copywriting and Entrepreneurship?

T...his group is for skilled marketers and entrepreneurs that know what they’re talking about.

Share your ideas and proven tactics with other successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Here’s why you should be a part of this group:

1) We’re sharing these techniques for your eyes ONLY:

-Social media growth hacking (to drive large traffic)
-Getting paid BIG for your marketing services
-How to (ethically) cold email your way to getting
corporate contracts
-Growth Hacking software to use to get a large ROI
-Increasing your landing page conversion
-Live video Q&A’s
-Free consultation giveaways (that will boost your business)

2) There’ll be other awesome marketers + entrepreneurs sharing their ideas

This is primarily a group for real business, not “internet marketing” or “get rich quick” (although they are topics we will cover)

Group Rules:

Don’t post links, where possible. We’d greatly prefer you to just jot down the 4 or 5 most pertinent points from any article (post the link as a reply to your own comment if you must)
In addition to this, opinions on strategies and best practices welcome (i.e. anything that doesn’t follow standard convention very welcome)

Don’t Be A Dick. We may ban anyone ruining the experience of other users. This includes deliberately thinking the worst of anyone posting. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Constructive criticism is welcomed, of course. We all have the same goal of growth nice. :)

Keep self promotion down (no job posts, get confirmation from admins before posting a link to your own blog)

The admins will decide what stays and what doesn’t (although 99% of posts will be OK)

You will not be allowed to promote your MLM (confirm with admins if unsure)

If you PM the admins promoting your “Money Making Machine” you will be banned.