I love trashy hindi movies

Quick Update:
We have all seen:
1.) Mithun's Brain Transplant
2.) World's Worst Dancer
3.) Gunda
4.) The Clerk Heart Attack Scene...
Please post a link or picture or a video with a small story of why this is trashy. Trashy is not obscure or sleazy... It's about why this is part of popular culture...
I think it's a good time to revisit what this group is all about. Please read on..
Seven years completed....... Thank you all for the entertainment....

When we started, we thought it will be some group where we share our love for trashy obscure movies....

It's become so much more than that. All thanks to the members... Here's hoping that it survives the next half decade... Baby steps.. baby steps... : )
This is how we began I Love Trashy Hindi Movies:
"If you love mindless, absurd, B grade, obscure, trashy, and all kinds of hindi movies, then this is the group for you.

And if you have seen Aatank Hi Aatank/Dariya Dil/ Free Entry/Zulm Ki Hukumat/Khuda Meherbaan Toh Gadha Pehlwaan, then I will share Moderator rights with you...."

But today, when I look back at the last 5 years of this group, it has become much more. The discussions have been around metaphors in Hindi movies, about the archetypes, the history, rare gems uncovered, some superb articles written by the members, and ofcourse the occassional fun poking at people : )

Its been one helluva journey.... A very warm welcome to the new members and here's wishing that the fun times continue......

One thing that is always asked is "what is a trashy movie?" Is it a flop, is it a sleazy movie, does it have to be horror? Well, Trashy for us is something that has become a cliche or is so bad that its really good... White shoes, Villains strange dialogues, weeping moms, catch phrases..... these are some common examples.

What it is not is something so boring that it interests no one.

We are not here to make fun of anyone or pull anyone down. Fact is, even the most unsuccessful actor, atleast tried. And that itself is a very brave thing. We are here for a laugh - not at someone, but just at some of the things that graced the silver screen and turned trashy. : ) Cheers~