International travelers in Vancouver

this group is here to provide with helpful tips and advices, share events, help you to find friends for trips or anything else, share information about jobs, housing and so on for everyone who travels around Vancouver.

Because we want to enjoy this group there are 2 rules you need to follow if you wanna be part of this group. Violators of these rules might be permanently removed from the group.

RULES of the group:
1.You are more than welcome to inform others if you're selling some of your stuff, offering a job or accomodation etc. BUT NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING ALLOWED!!!
2. ENGLISH only (or English plus other language). We're international travelers and we want to understand each other so please use English. Writting a post in English and translating it to other language (fe English + Spanish) is fine. Also if you wanna share an important information that is not in English with people from your country - fe consular days of your country, feel free to share but let others know what you're sharing (you can write "Hey guys I'd like to share some info about consular days of Czech Republic" and include the link that doesn't need to be in English). Just don't be rude and write in the way that everyone can understand what you're writing about.