Triangle Trade Video Game Exchange

This group is for buying, selling, and especially trading video games within the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill triangle area. Anyone willing to meet up in that area is welcome. BROADLY DEFINED, Hillsborough Morrisville etc. are all good. All posts must be video-game related in nature. This group is intended for primarily peer-to-peer sale and exchange, and I reserve the right to arbitrarily remove anyone I feel may be disruptive to that purpose. Posting guidelines:

1. Try to include specific platform, condition, and names of your items whenever possible.
2. If anything isn't NTSC formatted, you need to indicate as much in your post.
3. Don't spam-post, if you have multiple items to list, picture them together or make an album.
4. You are welcome to sell modded, reproduced, or emulated gear PROVIDED you are honest and up-front about what you are selling.
5. Try to handle the specifics of price negotiations and pickup location in private messages, so as not to clutter the page.
6. When you have agreed on a deal with another person, you are expected to make a good faith effort to complete the trade.

Jargon guidelines:

Captioning: FS = For Sale; FT = For Trade; ISO = In Search Of
Condition: D/O = Disc Only; CIB = Complete in Box; New = NEW SEALED

When providing condition of your items YOU MUST BE ACCURATE. CIB means the instruction manual is included. Precautions or warnings booklets, promotional brochures, etc. do not make a game "complete." Items that are "like new" with original packaging ARE NOT NEW. Providing misinformation about the state of your items may result in a ban.

Please contact Trent Serwetz if you need help with another member or have unanswered questions about the group rules.