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My foodie friends

This group was formed on 11.09.2012 with the intention of sharing and trying different recipes.

All the recipes posted in this group should be tried or tasted. Member will be fully responsible for posting the recipe or a photo. If administrator receives any complaint regarding a recipe or member , we have full authority to remove that member from the group and delete the recipe. Please add your friends only if they are interested in sharing and trying the posted recipes. Administrator also have full rights to remove members if received complaints .

please read following to help to keep our group neat and tidy.

1) We try and transfer the recipes from the wall to respective folders so it is easy to access a particular recipe.

2) If you want to post a recipe but do not have a photo then let us know and we will arrange a photo for the recipe. Post this recipe on the wall with a note to administrator. However post pictures only when you have time to write the recipe or DO NOT post them at all.

3) How to find a recipe

- Go to the Tried and tasted group
- Click on the "Photo" next to "Events"
- There are 35+ albums
- Click on the 'Album' for example chicken.
- Select a photo that you want the recipe for
- Click on the photo and you will find the recipe on the right hand side.

4. Please DO NOT post any LINKS in this group..DO NOT advertise any classes with contact numbers. DO NOT post personal photos.

5. We have opened an album for food as medicine,tips and hints and food decoration.... most of the these photos are courtesy of FB groups or Google. Some photos explain themselves. if you try any of them please comment on the photo.. Food for medicine is not medical advice ... Do check with your doctor for medical advice.


Share , learn, teach and enjoy

Happy cooking

Administrators (11.09.12)