Трисагион (Τρισάγιον) - формация за източноцърковна музика

Формация Трисагион е създадена през есента на 2013 г. с цел популяризирането на източно-църковната музика (т.нар. монодийно или византийско пение) в нейния автентичен вид и литургичен контекст като живо богословие в химни.


A Byzantine chant ensemble “Trisagion” was created in the fall of 2013. It's purpose was to promote the Eastern orthodox music (the monodic Byzantine chant) in its authentic form and liturgical context as a living theology in hymns.

The founders of “Trisagion” are of the opinion that Eastern orthodox music in Bulgaria is going through a deep crisis owing this not only to the lack of sufficiently trained people, but also to the unfamiliarity of "laos" (God's people, i.e. the christians) with the real communion in the liturgy.

Website: http://trisagion.dveri.bg/
E-Mail: [email protected]