Bantana Tropical House Bedroom Producer 10$ Mixing and Mastering, Unlimited red...oes, will match any competitors price.


Hi Guys this is a Group for all Tropical House Producer. You can post and share your own Music, Give Tips and Tricks to other Producers, for supporting your own Tracks and for helping each other to make Music .

The Group is founded by Ryan Taber 2014

Awesome People in this group!
- Deep Chills
- Dancing Pineapple
- Mark Tarmonea
- Debajit Bania
- Tropical Jon
- Cargo
- Kalek


1. Absolute Supreme rule:
Dont insult other members. We are in this together.
So thread other members just the way you want to be threaded: with respect !!!

2. Do not post any shitty pictures or stuff that has nothing to do with producing music

3. Do not post your music with recordings from ur cell phone.
The soundquality is shit and it would be a lot better to get feedback on good quality sources. Use soundcloud instead

4. Do not post threads or comments like follow for follow. This is something that is reserved for the bedroom producers soundcloud page. In this case only for getting the whole community to grow

5. Do not request samples and library stuff links. We are a group of producers not leechers

6. Do not post threads with questions like "do you know a good dj/producer name for me".
If u dont have the creativity to give yourself a decent artist name how are u supposed to be making music?

7. Do not post any promotion links (soundcloud / Facebook Page / whatever) under threads and posts of other users.
Its not very polite and you would not want your post to be spammed as well.
Exception: its ok to post your promotion links in a thread that is about other users music. For example: "show us your new stuff" etc...

Follow and accept this rules.
Ignoring them and the beautiful thought of "we are one" of bedroom producers will lead to permanent banishment by one of the admins