Troy Onyango: Chairman KLSS 2015/2016

"The Kenya Law Students' Society is a professional organization and so it should remain"
These words have stuck by me throughout my now three year stay at the University of Nairobi, School of Law.
I first heard them in my first year. Then, I was giving my best to clinch the position of the Organizing Secretary of the Society which I successfully did.
I still hear them now and will be hearing them even after campus.
As I ponder over these words I can't help but ask myself what I can do for this Society to be as professional at it's best and achieve it's objectives. A list neatly forms in my mind and I suddenly realize that what I envision for this Society is for it to grow in dynamic and be better.
Join me in my course to be able to serve the Kenya Law Students' Society at the capacity of the CHAIRPERSON and help it fulfill it's ambitions and it's purpose.
I ask ALL for your blessings as we start the journey to injecting this Society with robust and vibrant leadership that will steer it to greater heights.
As we soldier towards this goal let us not forget that the position for rhetoric is no longer available in our society.
Let's strive to give the Kenya Law Student's Society the best form of leadership it deserves. Let's not settle for less. Let's think Troy.
At the behest of all this, I ask for your enormous support and I vow to not disappoint. Let's vouch for open-minded leadership, Let's vote for trustworthy leadership. Let's think credibility. Let's think Troy
Thank you ALL.