True motivational stories/poems/songs/videos-सच्ची प्रेरणादायक कहानियां/कवि

Any member can post true motivational stories/poems/film songs/videos on this site which reflect the triumph of human spirit in Hindi or English and motivates other people to have a courageous life. Usually we find that ordinary people shows extraordinary strength in fighting or doing something positive in Society, without bothering about what other would think. My aim is to motivate people to achieve their dreams by following the examples set by ordinary but great people. You can even post your own stories how you got motivated by a story, song, video, or a friend's comment or faith in you. You may cut and post from other sites, newspapers, magazines etc, by posting the link, as far as possible. Our idea is not commercial but to lead people towards more positive frame of mind.

We welcome you to post only those items which qualify for such inspiration but not quotes, mobile updates, photos, status updates, political opinion, irrelevant material, Haikus, non relevant poems etc. If we find such material, we will be forced to delete such posts.

Vinod Passy "Hanskamal"