Teutopolis CHWC PHILLY!

Our motto has always been God Leads & We FOLLOW! The final paperwork is gathered & being prepared to send -\-\ We have submitted our registrations & we are headed to MILWAUKEE! It is a great city with much to offer & a high need for help. Because the Cincinnati camp filled since YESTERDAY, we believe wholeheartedly that God wants us to go to Milwaukee instead! It will be a blessed camp & it will be awesomely fun! If you have been to Milwaukee CHWC before, you may wonder if it will be exactly the same -\-\ the answer is NO! It is always a different experience! You will have a different resident & different groups to work in. We also have several free day options that we'll explore! It will be awesome! Please call me if you have any questions or concerns! We are so excited to have the camp settled! We are ready to serve with you all! God's Peace -