Des Moines Business Mixer

The Des Moines Business Mixer group connects Des Moines Area Business Owners, Managers, Professionals, Start-Ups, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, creators, investors, Interns, Marketers, Social Media Experts, Bloggers and Members of area virtual business networking groups.

Owners, entrepreneurs, B2B services providers, marketing experts and other business professionals who are interested in sharing tips, resources, expertise, ideas, links and articles with other professionals or make announcements about other business education and networking events can post here. All posts are subject to approval by group managers before going live to protect against spam, over-posting and content that does not fit with the intention of the group (described above).

The group meets virtually every Tuesday Night hashtag #dmbizmixer. Quarterly the group also has the opportunity to meet live and in person at the monthly business mixers (dates and locations vary - stay tuned through the group).

The Des Moines Business Mixer IRL (In-Real-Life) meet up events include prize drawings, food, drink specials and business speakers. Also check out our blog at