Under 30 Changemakers

If you aren't a member of Under 30 Changemakers, apply here: http://bit.ly/joinu30change

Under 30 Code of Conduct: bit.ly/U30CodeofConduct

Local Changemaker Chapters: bit.ly/changechapters

Changemaker Network:

============ Our Purpose ============

To be the support necessary to create change with a peer group who understands the peaks and valleys of creation.

======= Weekly Community Events =======

Twitter Chat Tuesdays: Use #u30change to join in. Starts at 7PM EST.

Chill Sesh Thursdays: Google Hangouts start at 7PM EST and can be joined thereafter. A link will be posted to the group.

========== Admins and Mods ==========


Tara Byrne
JP Taxman
Michael Gasiorek
Scott Ferreira


Marvin Matthews
Jake Tital
Gabriel Stein
Nick Van Breda
Tay Tay


Want to get even more involved? Email me at [email protected]