Gulf Catholic Networking Association - Affiliated to CNA

Dear Friends,

Peace & Greetings !

My name is Vijay Almeida, and I am the Editor of the Gulf Catholic Networking Association ( started on 14th September 2013 )- Affliated to CNA (Catholic Networking Association Worldwide), & i am based in Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Aim & Purpose of starting this Group:

(1) THIS IS A ROMAN CATHOLIC GROUP : First of all, let me begin by saying that this group is meant for believing, practicing Roman Catholics who are faithful to the Roman Catholic Church, the Sacred Traditions, the Pope ,the Word of GOD and the Magisterium.

(2) MISSION: The mission is to praise, bless and glorify the Lord our GOD by our faith,prayers,thoughts,words,actions,relationships and help others to do so by our own example.

Calling on all the Roman Catholics in the GCC Countries( UAE / Oman / Bahrain / Saudi Arabia / Qatar & Kuwait ) to network & help one another primararily by building each Other's Faith,to Create Jobs Or Business Opportunities & to help one another.

Kindly Note this Group has been started to promote & develop the Catholic Community in the Gulf, in this Group we Can Discuss Faith, Religion,Hope,Love, Helping the Needy,Charity works,Business Opportunities,Job openings,Buying & Selling Properties / Vehicles / House Hold goods / or anything that can be made use of,Matrimonials,Classifieds & Every / any topic Related to the growth Of The Catholic Community in the Gulf. To Keep This Group focused On networking & helping one another i Would request members Who want to discuss political Or other matter not within the focus of our group to refrain from doing so.

Vijay Almeida

Editor - Gulf Catholic Networking Association
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