UB Foodies

This group is for all the people that enjoy good food! You can post pictures of nice dishes and of the cool new and old restaurants and bars in UB. The admins reserve the right to remove or ban members who troll, pick fights and post random, irrelevant posts to this group. Spammers who post phishing links and anyone who will post irrelevant links and pics will be removed and banned without any notice. Also, the members who added the spammers to the group will be banned as well. The new members of the group are encouraged to use the search button for simple queries. The files section of the group contains the phone directories of the most popular restaurants in UB as well as a document titled "UB Foodies Recommended." Before posting a negative post, please try talking to the management of that restaurant first and post here, only if you failed to resolve your issue. This is not a venue for a personal vendetta against some place!! If you posted a negative post about some place and that place resolved your issue, please have some decency to remove your negative post. Failure to do so, will result in the admin exercising his right to remove the persona non grata from the group.
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