• If you think of college fests, what comes to your mind? Competitions ? Quizzez? Dance and Music? Blah Blah Blah…. Well, its now time to CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION !!
• The students Of Inderprastha Engineering College bring forth - UDHBHAV: THE BIGGEST ANNUAL TECHNO - CULTURAL FIESTA OF NCR.
• Bringing in a perfect blend of fun, masti, learning and entertainment, UDBHAV is a complete array of technical, cultural, literary and adventure events. Different tastes to suit different palates… Simple events with a wicked twist ;)
• Encompassing a span of three fun-filled days (each better than the other ;) ), it promises to be the most unforgettable & memorable days of your life
• So put on your thinking caps, jump on the wagon of wisdom, buckle up the seat belt of hard work and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!!!