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1) Be a DIODE to remove negative thinking..
2) A TRANSISTOR to amplify the strong character..
3) A RESISTOR to drop the bad habbits..
4) A CAPACITOR to store good thoughts..

1. Increase interaction of students, alumni and faculty.
2. Jobs, scholarship opportunities and related stuff is posted are discussed on group.
3. Students discuss university issues.

1. Kindly do not delete your own posts from the group if you do not want notifications on your post. Just click 'unfollow Post' below the post and you won't get the notifications for that post.
2. After you join the group, group notifications are controlled from "Notifications" option at the top right of the page.
3. Respect all the members of the group. Do not misbehave on difference of opinion.
5. Every member can post on the group but flooding is not allowed. Any posts regarding UET, UETians or about the life of UET or engineers can be posted.
6. In case of any complaint, contact the administrators.
7. The posts going in wrong directions, misbehave, hurting someone or depicting wrong image of UET will be deleted.
8. The posts related to advertisements like project building services, thesis writing services, research paper writing services e.t.c. are prohibited, as they abet students to complete the work without any hard work or effort.
9. Advertisements of facebook pages/groups which are not related to UET, Engineering or related stuff are not allowed.
10. Admin can change/delete/create rules except the rules which are made on the basis of voting by group members. If you are not contented with any rule, you can post a poll on the group regarding this issue. In order to favor a decision, there should be a) vote of at-least 0.5% of the total group population in the favor of the decision to be approved b) a majority in the favor of the decision to be approved.
11. Any violation of group guidelines may result in permanent or temporary ban/cancellation of membership with/without any notice.

1. Please consider adding the UETians in your friendliest to this group. This will increase our interaction with Seniors and Juniors. You can see this "Add friends to group" option in the right column of this page. :)
2. It is encouraged to post jobs, educational opportunities and related stuff on the group.
3. Group documents can be found at the top of the group page in 'Docs'. Any member can add documents. Documents may include job interview guides, telephone interview guides, visa interview guides, foreign admission guides and related stuff.
4. Kindly, ensure a healthy environment in the group.

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