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If you are in Property or want to be then this is the place .

No 1. Property Forum for Deals, Discussions , Networking and open to any sort of property issues .. that's why we are also known as ::: Home of Property :::: and its Free to Join..

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Group Admin

Owais Naveed

Moderator , Group Official And Recommended Solicitor

Shimon Rudich

Contact Shimon for any members issues incl. lifting or placing a ban or any defamatory content issues . Decisions taken by Shimon will be final and does not require any explanation to members for his decisions.

Senior Members

Sue Maxwell Smith
Monique Rom
John Cox
John Corey
Mark I'Anson

Rules ( Theme of these rules are to stop spammers, database builders , and to stop unfair use of group wall )

No Fake Ids / Trolls are Allowed and will result in Ban .

No offensive or defamatory comments or Name and Shame Posts . Respect others if you want to respected. See this in detail at

You can post deals/leads here but first we require you to contribute to Group by means of taking part in debates or starting new discussions questions, as we want to grow like a community...

Any adds which are potentially to build your own databases will be deleted .

Networking or other events or Meets can only be promoted once per .

Asking members to Join other group / forums is not allowed ( Or Anything that drives the traffic away ).

*** "No Money Down Deals" (NMD) are not allowed at all *** AS BROADLY AGREED NMDs ARE MORTGAGE FRAUD ***

Formal / Informal Property Meets :

Any meets that need to be promoted or supported by group or for the group or under the group name formal /informal has to be authorized by Admin.

Any violations to group rules will result in group membership been revoked and a ban placed .

Group Supported Charity Thread By Mark I'Anson ( A brilliant Thread )

Acronyms For Property (Thanks goes to Julie Hogbin for doing this )

All feedback are welcome and we are continuously trying to improve .

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