Y pay ebay 2 (NEW)

Welcome This group is PART OF ULTRA NETWORK this is a page that is dedicated to allowing members the chance to buy and sell and recycle private items without paying a premium to auction sites...this group was set up due to the first one not being managed properly. if you would like to join click join group and await acceptance from our ADMIN TEAM .

The Administration hold the right to remove posts and remove that person from the group and they will be reported to facebook. If they are questionable or are obviously selling/asking for the below:

* Illegally copied/downloaded games/music/films.
* Recreational drugs or drug memorabilia
* Illegal animals
* Weapons, real or replica
* Items that may come from questionable sources (robberies etc)
* The selling of one's body
* Any bulling or harassment
* Wasting peoples time ( without good reason )


Legal Disclaimer:

The Administration is not liable for the items illegally sold or missold on this page and will not be held responsible for people's behaviour

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