Unexplained Sounds

Welcome to Unexplained Sounds Group.

This group is focused on EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC; that means unusual, creative, not mainstream genres based music. Also we are pleased to run RADIO SHOWS in real time LIVE CHAT, COMPILATIONS, discussing SPACES about music we like and REVIEWS.

Please, read carefully following notes.
- on this group, every track / album / video is fully listened / watched, and the material that's accepted is commented with a short review.

- For this reason it's impossible to accept all the posts we receive, as well as it's impossible to accept frequently posts by the same person, cause we have to give space to a wider number of people. That means that frequent posts by the same subscriber will be automatically deleted without to be listened to.

- Likewise it's possible that some post, also if fitting with spirit of group, isn't accepted cause it doesnt match tastes of review writer.
So, if your post is not accepted, come back to these notes to understand why, and be patient. Before or after it'll come your time.

- Also take care to post tracks/video/albums, not FB or Soundcloud page adverts with a lot of music we could't listen to and review.