UNIX in Egypt

UNIX administrators located only in Egypt, especially
administrators who do this for living. It's a place to gather and know each other

Real/proprietary UNIX: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX.
UNIX-like: Linux, BSD family.

What I have in mind for this group is:
- Share UNIX/UNIX-like systems adminstration knowledge
- Have events announced here
- Have a list of companies in Egypt who hire UNIX admins
- Cooperation between administrators

NOTE: please only post items related to the aim of the group (UNIX/Linux info, job posting, knowledge exchange, announcements related to UNIX/Linux, trainings, UNIX/Linux comics). Admins reserve the right to delete posts that are not related to the group purpose especially posts that would start flame wars.

Any post not related to UNIX or Linux will be deleted and poster might be removed from group!

Now read the detailed rules:
1) Posts related to *only* Cisco jobs or training will be deleted
2) Posts related to Java jobs or training will be deleted
3) Posts related to English languages courses will be deleted
4) Posts of Training centers ads not specifically related to UNIX/Linux will be deleted - Posters will be removed
5) Posts related to university scholarships or research groups not connected directly to UNIX/Linux will be deleted
6) Posts containing off topic material: Religious, political, adult, leisure etc. will be deleted - Posters will be removed
7) Self-spread posts originating from Facebook viruses will be deleted - Posters will be removed, they may rejoin the group after cleaning themselves

The above rules may change, we may add to them or delete some of them.

Note to Whiners:
Admin team have day time job, they are not online 24/7, so PLEASE tolerate post violations if admins don't delete them IMMEDIATELY! Eventually we will do, so please stop whining, and get yourself busy with something useful.