UQ StalkerSpace

Welcome to UQ StalkerSpace, a multi-purpose group for the University of Queensland community.

This group gives you the chance to throw caution to the wind and express your lust to that member of the opposite sex (or any other gender) who has caught your eye on campus.

This group also acts as a platform for greater discourse of UQ campus life.


Just a few notes on quality control:

- Any unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated and subsequently removed. This includes (but is not limited to) offensive, sexist, racist and defamatory content.

- Any posts that don't appeal to the direct interests of UQ students will be removed.

- Any promotional content (including UQ related) of any kind will be removed.

- StalkerSpace is not to be used for personal benefit or group gain, nor is it a substitute for your own timeline. This rule applies to a wide variety of posts which can include lost property, textbook sales, surveys and memes (amongst other things), which are not acceptable based on the greater level of exposure to people.

- Any media that identifies individuals will be subject to removal at the discretion of the admins.

- Any 'trolling' or baiting of students will be removed and offender banned.

- Posts or comments over 100 words are subject to removal.

As admins, our decision is final. For any query on the removal of content, private message (not a second post) is the appropriate way to ask us. Due to logistical constraints, breaches of any of these rules will see the offender removed indefinitely or banned at the discretion of the admins.

This group will be consistently moderated with the aim to provide a comprehensive forum of information for all students.


If you have concerns in relation to anything relating to this page, feel free to message the admins and we can look to sort out any issues.

With that said, we don't make it our lives work to maintain this page; report any content you do not think is appropriate and we will seek to fix it.

And lastly, don't be a fuckwit. It's really not that hard.

Your admins,

Kiran Srinivasan, Nicholas Adermann & Imogen Inglis


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Disclaimer: This group is in no way officially associated with the University of Queensland, nor do the administrators bear any responsibility for the content posted on this group. Posts on this group are the responsibility of the user, and do not reflect the opinions of the administrators or the university.