USA and Europe love Pinay ladies

A group for Asian ladies who wants to meet decent western gentlemen from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
We want people to meet for friendship - for marriage - or just to enjoy a good time together online.

The rules are simple and all about being nice, decent, polite and respectful towards eachother. The admins are here to make sure that everything is ok and have the authority to ban any member who does not behave according to the rules. We will be strict but fair.

All profiles will be checked before added to the group. If there are photos, likes, interests, groups etc that shows extreme religious views, pornography, discrimination or other uanacceptable behaviour, that person will not be added as a member. We will not hesitate to report such profiles to facebook.

Since this group forever will remain decent we do not have any age-limit. It is our experience that age-limits make young people lie about their age. We prefer they show ther real age and stay with us in a decent group rather than they join groups with no rules. They stay protected with us

Rules will be ajusted when needed - so please check the pinned post once in a while for any updates.